Now more than ever we are needed.

Our unique, authentic and vibrant spirits are being called to heal and to serve.


I am an igniter. It’s my gift. I see and feel the essence of my clients and (lovingly) push them to action. When people cross my path there is an energetic exchange that happens: I get to do my work in the world and they get to be seen, celebrated and propelled into action that is aligned with their higher self. As a result there are two more high-vibrating humans creating ripples of kindness, connection and truth. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a win-win-win!

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Whether you’re starting a business or running an existing business — this is a program that will increase your efficiency, production and engagement but equally important is how you bring your spirit into your business. After all, it’s your spirit that is the reason that your customers want your service or product. Your spirit is the reason people want to work for you. And your spirit is the reason you’re called to serve the way you are. Let’s invest in your spirit while simultaneous looking at the performance, efficiency, systems, long term vision etc of your business.

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Join other like-minded, kindred-spirits and heal the world one precious human at a time, starting with the most precious of all, YOU! If you feel that your calling is to help others, this is the program for you. In and of itself it is a transformational program in which you will overcome obstacles, connect to your authentic self, find your passion and purpose, create deep connections & community and contribute to our world AND, AND, AND!! You’ll have fun!

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