My Work in the World

When I look back at the last 25 years of my life I see a common thread: I can speak to people’s souls and compel them into action. I connect with people from my heart to their heart, from my soul to their soul. And in that place of genuine connection we navigate hopes, dreams, fears, challenges and together we create the life that they’ve dreamed of living: an authentic, connected and purposeful life. And that is my work in the world. Lucky me!

I strongly believe that if you’re reading this you’re already in the right place. We find each other, we really do.

About Me

My hands are in a lot of cookie jars (I’m a Gemini). Though the list below is long, I make sure that everything I devote my time, energy and heart to is aligned with my higher self and work in the world. This list is dynamic and ever-changing, just like me.

Co-Founder and Executive Director at Edventure More (aka Camp Edmo)

In 2004 I co-founded Edventure More (aka Camp Edmo) with Eduardo Caballero, a soulmate from many lifetimes (I joke with him that we were married in many past lives but, of course, I was his husband!). I am delighted to report that we have experienced incredible satisfcation and success as the co-founders and Executive Directors of our organization: we serve over 20,000 kids per year in the Bay Area and Greater Sacramento area, we hire over 300 seasonal employees, we an internal coaching program which fosters a culture where people are seen (& celebrated) for their genuine and unique selves and we are well on our way to offering 50% of our families subsidized services! I am very proud of these accomplishments. I am. But my favorite part of this experience has been the deepening of my relationship with Ed. Through this relationship I have learned about trust, unconditional love and partnership. My relationsip with him continues to be an active source of learning for me both personally and professinally. This relatinoship is truly the gift that keeps on giving.



Ed and I travel around the country giving workshops on Authentic Leadership. Educators are often great at being caretakers and investing in their students but often they forget to invest in themselves. Our experiential workshop connects Maker Mindset and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills with Authentic Leadership. Participants experience what it’s like to both reveal truth and receive truth. It’s astonishing how powerfully connecting truth can be. And how important it is, specifically, for leaders and educators alike.

Ed and I have spoken at conferences like SXSWedu, BOOST, Summer Matters and National Beyond School Hours Conference


Teacher at The Hoffman Institute 

I am one of 25 nationwide Hoffman Process Teachers. We facilitate week-long residential transformational retreats which help participants step away from negative behaviors that were unconsciously learned from childhood (which keep showing up and getting in the way of their adult lives) and step into a more authentic, connected and deep life. I am awe-inspired every single time I teach this process. When we say “life changing,” we mean it!


Life Coach

In 2007 I finished a year long Coaching Certification program at New Ventures West. Although I had always been “coach-like” in every aspect of my life, I was able to deepen my capacity to heal myself and of course others through NVW’s Integral Coaching Certification. In 2008 I started my private practice and have been coaching since then (I even have some clients who are still with me from the very first day of my practice!). In 2009 I developed the Question of the Season Coaching Program which I have offered every year to my management and field staff at Edventure More as well as other local businesses. This work feeds my soul deeply and I suspect I will be doing it for the rest of my days on this earth…


Eternal Student

So much to learn, so little time! That’s how I feel. I am a seeker, always have been. Since I can remember I’ve been taking workshops and certification programs. From drumming to energy work to real estate investing to spiritual communities — as long as it feels aligned with my higher self sign me up!

My Grandma & Soulmate

I want to mention a very special person, my grandma (Omi). She is the creator of all the art on my website. You can see the photos below that she gave life to stone — STONE! From a slab of marble she created the most stunning creations that reflected both the beauty and absurdity of our human experience. We were/are soulmates, deeply connected even though we were 2 generations apart. Her and my grandpa (Opa) lived a life full of dark and light chapters. Ashkenzi Jews living in Austria in the 1930’s they were among the lucky ones who escaped while they could. Their life story was oozing with courage, strength and love. Love was the gift they gave me. They ended their lives together — intentionally — and left this plane intertwined. Their departure was my awakening and I haven’t “fallen back asleep” since then. Sometimes this path is lonely but my grandma is with me and continues to channel wisdom my way with every step I take. She is my hero, my friend and my soulmate.