I’m Sharon Mor and it’s my life’s work to help you step into yours.

I know you have a calling and a gift to share with the world. Perhaps you already have a business. Perhaps all you have right now is the inkling…a tugging feeling towards something more. Something deeper, richer, more aligned and connected.

I help women just like you step into their true calling – and build a solid, sustainable business that impacts us all.

Because when we women step into our true alignment – everything changes, not just for ourselves, but for the world around us. And we do it by being grounded in the qualities of the Divine Feminine: Nurturing, connected, soulful, kind, generous and compassionate.

Three Ways to Work With Me

The Entrepreneur Program

A 10 month journey to align your business with your spirit, to unblock mindsets, to create or adjust products & services, to create community, to beta test and to roll out your creation. Life changing for your spirit and your bottom line!


One on One Coaching is a powerful way to build, create or shift your business. It's personal and customized specifically for you and your business. Together we impact your profit, your systems, your lifestyle and your alignment with spirit. Limited sessions available 


Listen and be inspired by the amazing people I interview on my podcast. This is how I use my unique gift: I shine light on the magic that these women entrepreneurs are and bring to the world! They're quick, they're inspirational and they're FUN! Subscribe today!

Here’s what you need to know:

Our World Is Hungry For A Paradigm Shift

Here’s what I believe:

Women Are That Paradigm Shift.